Oct 06

Welcome to my serenity…

Greetings and welcome. I am a former faculty administrator from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. My research is leading me to connect organizations across education, government, military, and industry to promote virtual community learning organizations. Such organizations promote cross-cultural understanding.

I am a champion of the metaverse to build strength-based leaders and citizens. My research into collaboration in virtual environments seeks to incorporate transdisciplinarity.


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Jun 18

Disciplinary dilemma: working across research silos is harder than it looks

Andy Stirling: The ‘nexus’ is the latest buzzword intended to lure researchers out of their disciplinary comfort zones. But how easy is it in practice?

Source: www.theguardian.com

"Power becomes visible not just in action, but in knowledge." I would add ‘being’ that as Dr. Stirling suggests, adds to the transcendence of "mystical romanticism about science" that offers great hope-transdisciplinarity- to assist in global challenges.    

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Apr 11

Educating for Uncertainty: The University’s Preeminent Mission?

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The process of managing uncertainty starts by spending time thinking about the future. That may sound a bit facile, and probably doesn’t seem like an academic pursuit on its face. But planning is a discipline…


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

My dance has extended beyond the bounds of academia as I am now what Dan Pink refers to as a Free Agent, especially after incorporating a non-profit company last week in the State of Florida. Transdisciplinarity is a personal commitment of mine and the word is in my company’s mission. Woodbury University’s commitment is admirable and I agree with attempts to infuse uncertainty across the curriculum. In order to go ‘beyond’ the curriculum I think virtual environments are essential.

The uncertainty of an open source community and sottware are fitting for practicing transdisciplinarity as we strive for social benefits across society.

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Mar 12

Innovation Excellence | Are Innovators Better at Multi-dimensional Thinking?

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While I believe that innovation is a process that can and should be managed, I also believe that innovative people simply “are,” and that some people simply cannot (innovate), even if coached.

Barbara Truman‘s insight:

Fraser’s article makes the connection between innovation and transdisciplinarity and lacks only the 3D virtual environment to spawn creativity and imagination. Producing environments rather than just consuming them creates critical thinking too. Personally, I think innovation must arise from authenticity within rather than being required as a business force. This is why the embodied avatar is so important. Who was it that said work is the organized results of play?

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Feb 10

A pragmatic kind of transdisciplinarity

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Hooray for social awkwardness Happy new year! Today we have a guest post by Kate Sherren, a friend and colleague of mine from Dalhousie University, Canada. Together with Jan Hanspach, we just publi…


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

Sustainability science resonates with me as I imagine how to apply what I have learned through studying transdisciplinarity. Clearly the ability to visualize cause and effect in CVEs can be transformational for learning and effective when committed contributors explore possibility. Sherren’s post and this Sustainability blog are worth monitoring for the activism created from engaged minds and hearts. I have not yet read Sherren’s paper that includes colleagues Fischer and Hanspach.Need library access.

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Nov 02

Battling insurgency in war-torn nations with immersive 3D sims (Wired UK)

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Simudyne founder Justin Lyon believes his simulation software, founded in complexity science and visualised in 3D, will change the future of all decision-making — but can it work in help win wars?


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

No mention of transdisciplinarity in this news piece, but I find myself in agreement with Lyon about the value of simulation and how not to use it should be malpractice in some cases. Practicing on human for health care, education, and peace keeping no longer needs to be such a crap shoot. Connecting collaboration networks is timely to use such technology. .

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Nov 02

EFSA expert: We need to think out of the box on infectious diseases

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is launching a new initiative on infectious diseases after a series of recent outbreaks in the EU, such as the Bluetongue (in Northern Europe in 2006), Schmallenberg (in 2011) and Q fever (in the…


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

This article does not mention using CVEs such as when swine flu was a concern in Eqypt, but does cite preparedness for dealing with exotic infectious diseases due to investment in transdisciplinarity. Diverse experts modeling outbreaks and impacts are becoming more common.

See on www.euractiv.com

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Oct 15

10/13 – Otto Scharmer: Theory U — Leading from the Future as It Emerges | Integral Leadership Review

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Otto Scharmer: Theory U — Leading from the Future as It Emerges


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

*Delighted* to see this interview of MIT’s Dr. Otto Scharmer from  Dr. Russ Volckmann of the Integral Leadership Insititute. The notion of leading self using new collaborative platforms resonates with me to promote positive transformation in communities, including virtual-physical hybrid communities. Presencing and Theory U offer a valuable framework on many levels.

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Oct 11

Google and NASA’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

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A peek at the early days of the Quantum AI Lab: a partnership between NASA, Google, and a 512-qubit D-Wave Two quantum computer. Learn more at http://google….


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

… superposition, ‘both and’, entangement… these computing capabilities will create the most powerful environments made up of the multiverse and metaverse. Toward transdisciplinarity.

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Oct 08

Transdisciplinarity: Challenges, Approaches and Opportunities

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Barbara Truman‘s insight:

Here is an open access report from the UK’s International Network for Transdisciplinary Research (INTR) led by Transtechnology

Research, Plymouth University. Does not discuss CVEs, rather it seeks practical, pragmatic applications and pedagogy in support of transdisciplinarity. Call for radical change in institutions for operations and ways of thinking, but not at the expense of disciplines, rather as an extension to offer opportunity for complementary inquiry to discover that what was not thought possible.

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Aug 26

Researchers granted patent for system that fuses human and computer intelligence | Penn State University

See on Scoop.itGame-based Lifelong Learning

In complex crisis situations involving military situation awareness, homeland security and other time-sensitive scenarios, teams of experts must often make difficult decisions within a narrow time frame.


Barbara Truman‘s insight:

cognitive agent architectures- this is the kind of stuff that will make it possible for games to play us as Jesse Schell talks about when he is sad that Mario does not know him after all the years they have played together. I think research into these type of architectures can someday allow everyone in the family to play digital games where the software is multi-adaptive to different abilities. Way cool.

See on news.psu.edu

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