Oct 06

Research & Development

Greetings. I’m Barbara, a researcher exploring innovative ways to facilitate networks of people and organizations across education, government, military, and industry. My quest is to promote inclusivity and accessibility using virtual reality to create smart, enabled, and sustainable communities.

Barbara TrumanI study topics that result in advocacy for creating an avatar and participating in open source, virtual world communities. Cultivating an avatar creates attachment that occurs as personal identity is developed and reflected through the adaptation of one’s avatar, serving as a mirror to ‘self’. When the avatar attachment is strong, enhanced collaboration with other avatars can result in attachment to the virtual world milieu.  When the virtual world milieu attachment is strong, community activism results in empowerment that often extends locally to society. Some people become empowered to use their avatar-identity across their physical and virtual environments blending the best of worlds.

Appreciative Reality is the practice of inquiry into what factors contribute to the development of avatar identity that leads to constructive, leadership activities used across virtual-physical communities for the benefit of society and sustainability.

Photo taken at the Red Geranium, New Harmony, Indiana, the town modeled in Virtual Harmony.

I am a champion of The Metaverse committed to build strength-based leaders, citizens, researchers, educators, and most of all collaborators.

My research into collaboration using immersive, virtual environments seeks to model interactions that promote Transdisciplinarity, a skill and philosophy needed to deal with complexity and to thrive.

This site provides information about my experience, current studies, and future goals.


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